Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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♪ Electro - skrilex first of the year ( reptile ) mp3
Electro - Skrilex First of the year ( Reptile )
04:20 Min

By: Luis Ungson!
Size: 47.75 MB
Hits: 108370 Times
Genre: Electro
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♪ Katy perry & skrillex - remix e.t & first of the year mp3
Katy Perry & Skrillex - Remix E.T & First of the Year
04:05 Min

By: NeeckGarsha
Size: 7.48 MB
Hits: 48779 Times
Genre: Dubstep/Pop
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This is a mashup on Katy Perry's hit E.T. and Skrillex's remix First of The Year (Equinox)! Enjoy!

♪ Skrillex - first of the year (equinox) [extended] mp3
Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox) [Extended]
05:09 Min

By: Uniqorn
Size: 7.30 MB
Hits: 821652 Times
Genre: Skrillex
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Thank you for all your support guys :3 You're awesome. I COULD UPLOAD A BETTER ONE! But I wasn't allowed to upload it on this channel. Check it out, the direct link is here below. Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox) (All Extended Mix Possible): https://soundcloud.com/nmad-music/foty Do you like this? You should listen to "Deadmau5 - Get In The October Cart, Pig (Uniprn Edit)" by deadmau5, also on my profile ;)

♪ Nev plays: skrillex - first of the year (equinox) mp3
Nev plays: Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)
04:00 Min

Size: 3.67 MB
Hits: 196321 Times
Genre: Launchpad
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Approved by SoNevable. I do not own any copyrights from all those songs. Check SoNevable's YouTube Page for live performance: www.youtube.com/user/SoNevable Follow SoNevable on Facebook : www.facebook.com/SoNevable Follow SoNevable on Twitter : twitter.com/SoNevable

♪ Skillex - first of the year remix mp3
Skillex - first of the year remix
03:37 Min

By: Jakeydarkfire
Size: 1.52 MB
Hits: 86057 Times
Genre: Dubstep
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Remix i did Check out my youtube channel and sub me http://www.youtube.com/user/RapturedArts?feature=watch

♪ Skrillex - first of the year (craymak bootleg) [free download] mp3
Skrillex - First Of The Year (CRaymak Bootleg) [Free Download]
04:12 Min

By: CRaymak
Size: 12.22 MB
Hits: 949 Times
Genre: Electronic
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Free Download http://bit.ly/Firstoftheyear I've decided to start 2017 off by releasing a brand new Bootleg that I put together of 'First Of The Year' by Skrillex. This is the start of a new year long project where I will be releasing a new Bootleg on the first day of every month (12 in Total). In doing this, I am remixing old tunes of Artists who i've been inspired by since I started this journey into music production. I thought starting with a remix of a Skrillex track would be fitting as he was one of the first artists who really got me into loving electronic music, as soon as I heard Scary Monsters. All that aside, enjoy my take on 'First Of The Year'! Fixed Mix/Master on Jan 4th/2017.

♪ Logic - man of the year [prod. no i.d.] mp3
Logic - Man Of The Year [prod. No I.D.]
04:56 Min

By: SwagyTracks
Size: 11.40 MB
Hits: 7815282 Times
Genre: Hip-hop/rap
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Download the full mixtape • http://piff.me/e9615f2 • Logic - https://twitter.com/Logic301 http://www.facebook.com/mindoflogic http://mindoflogic.com/

♪ Tc - first of the year mp3
TC - First Of The Year
04:08 Min

By: tcdnb
Size: 9.48 MB
Hits: 41363 Times
Genre: Tc
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What do you think when you stare up at the sky. A Billion stars, Millions of civilisations created and destroyed, What does any of it really matter anyway, Nothing matters but the countdown to this moment, Right here, Right now! I just wanna say thanks so much to everyone for making this an amazing year and here is my way of saying thanks to you all, here is a free EP :) I hope to see you all again next year!

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