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♪ Post to be remix - fetty wap dej loaf omarion trey songz ty dolla $ign rick ross mp3
Post To Be REMIX - Fetty Wap Dej Loaf Omarion Trey Songz Ty Dolla $ign Rick Ross
04:53 Min

By: Shruthi §
Size: 4.48 MB
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Genre: HipHop
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Copyrights to the proper owner. LYRICS (OMARION): Pull up to the club, and it go up Make your girl fall in love, when I show up It's not my fault, she want to know me She told me you was just a homie ******** Hol up, hol up, hol up, hol up, hold up I said, this is the REMIX Lets go! (FETTY WAP): Only foreign cars when I bend it Aye Only smoke loud when I enter Aye I turn the whole crowd when I finish Aye I ball like Mike J, boy I’m winnin’ Aye These niggas can't smoke with me Got your bitch baggin dope like groceries Aye So you know I keep the toast with me She the Trap Queen, so she gon go for me Ayeeee yeaaah baby Zoovieeeer baby Guess who's neaaar baby My diamonds cleaaar baby (DEJ LOAF): If yo nigga come close to me Ima make him eat this pussy appropriately Like hmm, cheerios la la Put that Foxy Brown in his face ill na na Fuck the rumors got the hoes with me I'm a pimp by blood, aint no coaching me Who? Yeah they know its me He a rapper but I make that nigga sing to me Like Oh I'm here, this is my year I aint going back my old life is done Boss her name, I call myself Type of pussy nigga talking out her tongue Yeah, yeah, that's how it goes with me I just got a check up and aint no hoe with me VIP bottles over D On the couch got em all throwin fours with me Hoes up, hoes down, all I gotta do is smile You aint want me back then, but I bet you want me now Body going crazy, he want me to have his child Fucking with them hoes, yeah I heard you get around Whisper in his ear, tell him "I want it now" He said "stop talking all that freaky shit, aint tryna get aroused" That's how it's post to be, yeah That's how it's post to be, yeah Woah (OMARION): If your chick come close to me... [Hook] ...Everything good like its post to be (TREY SONGZ): They about to take your phone, just see I don't need no hoes exposin' me Aint another nigga cold as me Aint another nigga cold as me (cold as me) And I'm living like a mooovie, pretty women in the jacuzzi The way she kissing on her friend, do she even like men? My nigga she could've fooled me I be tryna chill, stay tight But they all want some, can you blame em? Want their walls decorated, rearranged Cause a nigga handsome, wealthy, famous Who gives a fuck what they say, he say, she say Hey Trey, aint ya hear Jhené say (But he gotta eat the booty like groceries) You know how wild I be Had that pussy like, "Clean up on aisle 3" Had that pussy like, “slow down, whoa now, please” Every time I go down, go down like SHEESH (I make em do it!) They know my name, I aint even gotta say it Put it to rest every time a nigga lay Aint another nigga cold as me Butt, butt, butt naked is what you're post to be (TY DOLLA $IGN): AMG kit on the Benz (Skrrrr) You got home girls, I got friends Yall should have come to the house Get topless, then let's go swimming I just made a million, like its post to be And that's just the beginning like its post to be Pocket rockets stay real close to me And a new bitch stay close to me Oh, she a hoe to me But "we don't love hoes.." how its post to be Ooh she did some blow off me Told her I don't fuck around, I just blow the tree (OMARION): If your chick come close to me... [Hook] ...Everything good like its post to be (RICK ROSS): Dead or alive, sayin' boss top 5 Let my top down, just to throw the rock sign Not Jigga Jay Dilla in the far side I'm the realest, disagreeing with a glock now But fuckin' with us, so he had to get the Benz truck Cutting corners, lil niggas fuck your rims up She can't fuck with me, she say she rock with Wale Double M we throw them alley oops, that's all day West side, it's going down at the Polo Lounge Half pound for my rounds just to go around Copy paste, tweez niggas even 'bout that slang Black bottle in the sky, free Gucci Mane If your chick come close to me…

♪ Chris brown feat usher and rick ross - new flame instrumental mp3
Chris Brown Feat Usher And Rick Ross - New Flame Instrumental
04:03 Min

By: Now Instrumentals
Size: 9.30 MB
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Genre: R&B
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Producer(s): Count Justice

♪ Chris brown ft usher & rick ross - new flame (violin cover) by ashanti "the mad violinist" mp3
Chris Brown ft Usher & Rick Ross - New Flame (violin Cover) By Ashanti
04:06 Min

By: Ashanti Floyd "The Mad Violinist"
Size: 9.39 MB
Hits: 206601 Times
Genre: New Flame
~ Soundcloud mp3 ~

Hope you all enjoy this live video recording. Cheers! Hit me up!

♪ New flame - chris brown ft. usher & rick ross cover mp3
New Flame - Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross Cover
04:03 Min

By: Rijen Shrestha
Size: 5.58 MB
Hits: 382509 Times
Genre: New
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♪ Do u mind ft. nicki minaj, chris brown, august alsina, jeremih, future, rick ross (cover by sy'nur) mp3
Do U Mind Ft. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, Rick Ross (Cover by Sy'Nur)
03:06 Min

By: Sy Nur
Size: 7.10 MB
Hits: 28230 Times
Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
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@nurmusicent Share, Comment and SUB

♪ Rick ross ft chris brown - sorry (rob williams cover) mp3
Rick Ross ft Chris Brown - Sorry (Rob Williams Cover)
02:25 Min

By: Rob Williams
Size: 2.21 MB
Hits: 120076 Times
Genre: Rick ross
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I decided to switch it up, and give it that Rob flavor, enjoy :) follow me snapchat - official_rob IG - rob_cbrnation

♪ Sorry - rick ross ft. chris brown (cover) mp3
Sorry - Rick Ross Ft. Chris Brown (Cover)
02:58 Min

By: Indigo Blaize
Size: 3.53 MB
Hits: 222652 Times
Genre: Rozay
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Check out this cover of "Sorry" by Rick Ross ft. Chris Brown, recorded produced & performed by your boi! Enjoy!

♪ Future - that's a check feat rick ross mp3
Future - That's A Check feat Rick Ross
04:08 Min

By: Trey Songz - Anticipation 3
Size: 7.22 MB
Hits: 30251 Times
Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
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Future - That's A Check feat Rick Ross

♪ Chris brown - new flame featuring usher & rick ross (cover by adriana) mp3
Chris Brown - New Flame Featuring Usher & Rick Ross (cover by adriana)
03:24 Min

By: Adriana Gomez
Size: 7.80 MB
Hits: 306239 Times
Genre: Chris brown new flame
~ Soundcloud mp3 ~

from a series of covers visual | prod x ft [ @lubxtpf ] http://soundcloud/adrianaxxgomez producer

♪ Chris brown feat. usher & rick ross - new flame (phaze3 cover) mp3
Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross - New Flame (Phaze3 Cover)
03:02 Min

By: phaze3
Size: 6.97 MB
Hits: 619528 Times
Genre: Phaze3
~ Soundcloud mp3 ~

Whatup Yall check out this crazy Remix to Chris brown Hit Single "New flame" By us Phaze3 ALSO!!!!! We Have been nominated for Best Male R&B Group by the UMA (Please vote for us LINK IS BELOW. … … … … … Click Phaze3 Watch our Video to our Single "Different"

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