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♪ Xentrix - the human condition mp3
Xentrix - The Human Condition
03:37 Min

By: Roadrunner USA
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Genre: Metal
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♪ The human condition by theglitched64 mp3
The Human Condition by TheGlitched64
02:49 Min

By: Creepypasta Storytime
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Genre: Creepypasta
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A mini gory pasta! Video can be found here: Read along! The story can be found here: Download any of the older stories here:

♪ The human condition (we are barbara remix) mp3
The Human Condition (We Are Barbara remix)
03:30 Min

By: Jhameel
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Genre: Pop
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An electronic remix by We Are Barbara of "The Human Condition" by Jhameel. free Jhameel album download at check out We Are Barbara at

♪ Preview freud on the human condition - partially examined life mp3
PREVIEW Freud on the Human Condition - Partially Examined Life
32:27 Min

By: Partially Examined Life
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Genre: Philosophy
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Discussing Civilization and its Discontents (1930). This is a 32-minute preview of our vintage 2 hr, 5-minute episode which you can buy at or get for free with PEL Citizenship (see You can also purchase the full episode in the iTunes Store: Search for “Partially Examined Freud” and look under “Albums.” What’s the meaning of life? Well, for Sigmund Freud, an objective purpose rises or falls with religion, which he thinks a matter of clinging to illusion, so to rephrase: what do we want out of life? To be happy, of course, yet he sees happiness as a matter of fulfillment of pent-up desires, meaning it’s by its nature temporary. Yet we can’t shake off its pursuit, and so we’re in a bind, and have a number of strategies for obtaining some satisfaction: some compensation for what we have to repress in order to live in a society that forces us to repress our innate desires.

♪ Sartre on freedom and the human condition - partially examined life mp3
Sartre on Freedom and the Human Condition - Partially Examined Life
01:56:05 Min

By: Partially Examined Life
Size: 106.34 MB
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Genre: Philosophy
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On Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Existentialism is a Humanism” (1946), “Bad Faith” (pt. 1, ch. 2 of Being & Nothingness, 1943), and his play No Exit (1944). What is human nature? Sartre says that there isn’t one, but there is a universal human condition, which is our absolute freedom. This freedom is a basic certainty in our experience, and it comes out of the mere fact of our being able to will, so no subsequent alleged science can contradict it. If you claim to be determined by your character or circumstances, you’re acting in “bad faith,” which is what for Sartre has to serve as an ethics given the lack of good and evil floating out there in the world or duties assigned to us by nature or God or any of that. He describes his project as a matter of teasing out the often unrealized implications atheism. Though his reading is rife with fun, literary examples, we (the regular foursome) had trouble both with this insistence on absolute freedom in all circumstances and on on this claim about no human nature which ends up making bad faith seemingly inevitable: you can’t be “authentic” to your “true self” because there is no true self to be authentic to! So ha!

♪ Hannah arendt on the human condition (part two) mp3
Hannah Arendt on the Human Condition (Part Two)
01:06:10 Min

By: Partially Examined Life
Size: 60.65 MB
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Genre: Philosophy
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Continuing on The Human Condition (1958), focusing on the rise of "the social," how that erodes the private sphere (unless you post it on Facebook, it's not real!), yet leads to feelings of loneliness and meaninglessness. The audience at this live Pittsburgh event (with a notable lack of input from people watching from around the world on the live feed!) then joins us in the latter of this release to help us try to figure out what Arendt's positive picture is (including conference headliner Fred Evans). What sort of "great deeds" does she have in mind for the political sphere? Where does philosophy fit into this picture of the public and private? Can one of us eventually pronounce "vita contemplativa" correctly?

♪ Startalk live! sociology and the human condition mp3
StarTalk Live! Sociology and the Human Condition
54:25 Min

By: StarTalk Radio
Size: 51.06 MB
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Genre: Comedy
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Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman investigate the human condition with the help of bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, sociologist Dr. Alondra Nelson and comedian Wyatt Cenac. Recorded live at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

♪ A prayer for the human condition mp3
A Prayer For The Human Condition
03:54 Min

By: Chris Pendergraft
Size: 8.97 MB
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Genre: Reggae
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©2016 Chris Pendergraft A Prayer for the Human Condition God of grace and light Are we born with hate or do we pick it up somewhere along the way and like a stone that we kick down the road can we just throw it away can we discard our hate? The absence of hate is the salvation of humanity The end of war The end of poverty poverty The absence of love is the destruction of reality No end to war No end to poverty, poverty

♪ Precognition of episode 87: sartre on the human condition mp3
Precognition of Episode 87: Sartre on the Human Condition
08:52 Min

By: Partially Examined Life
Size: 8.31 MB
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Genre: Philosophy
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Mark Linsenmayer lays out some themes from Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Existentialism is a Humanism” and the “Bad Faith” chapter (Part 1, Ch. 2) of Being & Nothingness.

♪ John a. powell — the human condition is about belonging mp3
john a. powell — The Human Condition is about Belonging
02:37 Min

By: On Being Studios
Size: 4.84 MB
Hits: 1288 Times
Genre: Public Radio
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“Race is a little bit like gravity,” john powell says: experienced by all, understood by the few. He is an esteemed legal scholar and thinker who counsels all kinds of people and projects on the front lines of our present racial anguish and longings. Race is relational, he reminds us. It’s as much about whiteness as about color. And it largely plays out, as we’re learning through new science, in our unconscious minds. john powell is steeped in this new learning and offers it to us, as a form of everyday power, to animate our belonging to others that is already real. But we must claim it. See more at

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